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100% Cotton Rugs

Natural: #1 most produced natural vegetable fiber in the world
Soft: Great for bathrooms and bedrooms adds comfort and warmth underfoot
Durable performance: Cotton fiber and woven construction adds to the strength and durability to withstand rubbing, pulling and twisting by the users shoes
Protection: A must for all entryways to remove water and soil from shoes to protect flooring throughout the house

Absorbent: Superior trait, like a cotton towel can

absorb up to 27 times its own weight in water
Great for all wet areas: Bathrooms, laundry-mud rooms
Hypoallergenic: Cotton is naturally hypoallergenic; the taupe color style is 100% pure undyed natural cotton
Eco-friendly: A renewable resource and biodegradable
Clean ability: Easy to clean and maintain
Appearance retention: Looks and wears well for years


Sizes: 2x3; 2x7 runner; 4x6; 6x9 



Protect your hard surface flooring investment with our selection of Exterior coir walk off mats; 100% cotton entry rugs; Poly cut piles for any room; Shag rugs; Flatweaves for indoor and outdoor decor choices

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