DA Rugs is committed to excellence and customer satisfaction.  We manufacture our rugs to strict specifications that far surpass others who only attempt to achieve industry averages.  Our end game results are providing ultra-quality rugs with great value to each and every consumer.  Our creed: “Where fashion and beauty, performance and value come together in harmony,” can only briefly sum up a multitude of objectives and accomplishments that we as a company continuously strive for in bringing our customers true value added area rugs for their homes.

DA Rugs has a long standing tradition to business approaches that are paramount to how we do business and this stems from our Mom & Pop beginnings.  With those roots firmly established in a now vertically integrated company, we direct and focus our expertise on every facet of the business from manufacturing through to wholesale distribution.  To mention a few of the ways our expertise is carried forward:

This has illustrated that “the magic is truly in the details.”  We sincerely believe that your expectations will be exceeded with the Fashion, the Beauty, the Performance and the true Value that we at DA Rugs have worked so hard to create and provide.  Thank you for visiting our website and considering purchasing a quality and value based area rug from one of our specialized floor covering dealers.

The “Team” at DA Rugs